Aeropneumatiss was created in 2004 following the creation of an orthosis named Pneumaflex ® 2 (a poly sole driven articulated lifter). The product was created from a simple and effective idea: using a pneumatic cylinder to compensate for muscle deficiency, which replaces the strength of the paralyzed muscle.

This energy replaces the strength of paralyzed muscles. Pneumaflex ® 2 technology consists of moving parts and dynamic reconstitution of lost movement. Patients receive a free consultation to determine if this technology is useful for them at a Clinic in Paris.

The Pneumaflex ® 2 orthosis is fitted on the patient directly and then tested on steep and difficult terrains to provide real-world conditions.

That is why Pneumaflex ® 2 (a poly sole driven articulated lifter) is also ideal for children, and a large number of diseases or injuries resulting in a total or partial loss of muscle strength when lifting the foot. For example, Hemiplegia, reaching the SPE external popliteal sciatic nerve or the aftermath of a sciatic paralysis.

Pneumaflex ® is tailor-made from a real cast of the foot in motion to recreate the correct support on the ground like an improved orthopaedic sole, thus enhancing an already smooth walk. It molds to the calf, which modifies the form according to the body’s position while standing, sitting, walking or running.


This orthosis was tested and clinically proven. Its achievement and its progress were made in various departments of orthopaedic medicine and neurology (at the Institute of Muscle in the Salpetrière hospital with patients having various types of myopathy, as well as diverse diseases like Charcot Marie Tooth, and many others. Hemiplegia and injuries resulting from various accidents involving the motor nerves (in particular the sciatic nerve) were tested in various centers of functional rehabilitation on patients with steppage gait (AKA footdrop gait).

Clinical and scientific studies were conducted by doctors and statisticians to aid in the realization of a dossier used to get approval from the health care system in France. Aeropneumatiss is already working on other orthotics for the future. Contact us even if you have orthotic needs other than ankle or foot movement products.

The dynamic 3D driven Pneumaflex ® 2 is the only ankle-foot orthotic in the world to immediately restore action and motor control to paralyzed muscles. There is a free consultation with the goal of determining the overall effectiveness that you might receive from Pneumaflex ® 2, in the sense of confidence that we can give you. Zero commercial interest (be sure of that), just medical answers to the questions that you ask regarding your disability and the possibility of using Pneumaflex ® 2 in a serene environment. Please feel free to contact us for more information through the « contact » page.