Right hemiplegia, left hemiplegia

Hemiplegia is often characterized by the rigidity of the lower extremities generated by the spasticity of the muscles. Hemiplegia right or hemiplegia left without differences.

Functional rehabilitation remains the fundamental element in improving the patient within the framework of a hemiplegia or a cerebral vascular accident. When the patient stands up, we help them to regain a normal walk, in a dynamic manner so that the chains of active muscles function as soon as possible, and not from being assisted by technical aids substituting movement.

Pneumaflex 2 does not prevent the patient from moving contrary to other material supposed to help the patient become autonomous (do not confuse « autonomy » and « validity ») as soon as possible, it activates the chain of muscles in order to help the patient have an increasingly valid walk. Autonomous from improved developing muscle capacity and improved by active rehabilitation, not from the help of equipment that will replace the anatomy and gradual improvement in the patient’s chance of finding the real movements for walking.

The danger here is still in the habit of safety and « permanent assistance » very quickly accepted by the brain through these technical aids that are absolutely not functional rehabilitation of paralyzed muscles, the muscles affected by hemiplegia.Remember that wheelchair assistance remains very safe because there are no more falls and there is immediate autonomy, but in no way does this give the muscles the ability to re-train through the natural movements of walking. Even worse, it will increase the patient’s dependence (shortly after) until they cannot even walk for a few minutes, which is necessary for the maintenance of the « anatomical machine » in its entirety.

So, with hemiplegia, only the work of physical therapy, the work of active rehabilitation is through the activity of muscles and dynamic movements that will give the patient the ability to retain, and especially increase their strength, their balance, have more movements necessary for the resumption of their own valid autonomy, standing upright to walk. The least possible with assistive technologies that fix the foot or leg. After having a hemiplegia, it is important that the brain does not get used of these « substitution compensations » (may be necessary at the beginning while recovering the ability to stand, it is certainly appropriate), but which must be removed as soon as possible to immediately give the patient a normal walking pattern in 3D involving all muscles, all muscles chains and independent balance also needed to walk as naturally and normally as possible.

Pneumaflex ® 2 for hemiplegia, is a technology that creates powerful kinetic energy and applies it directly into the levator muscles, among others, affected by hemiplegia, the same energy gives movement back and activates the muscles.

The driving effect will generate a permanent stretch in the calf avoiding retraction. (The work of « stretching », done by the physiotherapist on the spastic muscles avoids the retraction and improves the « fluid » movement necessary to restore a normal walk).

Pneumaflex ® 2 will completely restore the independent movements of the foot and leg, eliminating any imperfections (equine foot varus, unrolled reversed step, which means from the point of the foot on the ground to the first impact, then the heel with a knee often in recurvatum).

This immediately allows the patient to find real balance and a dynamic function with the help of their own muscles and not from the substitution of a technical aid, from a lifter or static tutor more or less dynamic or so-called articulated …

When this action is complemented by the work of a physiotherapist carried out on the flexibility of the hip, then the results can be spectacular and very motivating for the patient and inviting them to go even further.

Never forget that the potential of the treatment remains the best asset for a patient with hemiplegia. One must combine effort and efficient resources by associating our interprofessional capabilities.

Pneumaflex ® 2 is a technologically developed tool to give patients immediate improvement, certainly not total, but consequent and sufficient to go much further in their rehabilitation.