Advantages of Pneumaflex ®

Pneumaflex2 has been specifically designed for people with steppage gait. It is a poly sole driven articulated lifter, which elevates the foot. With steppage gait, the main symptom is the loss of the levator muscles in the foot, i.e., they do not have the voluntary faculty to mobilize or move the foot anymore. That results in a foot which falls to the ground, a foot which « falls » to walk.
The causes of steppage gait are numerous. It can be an attack of external sciatic nerve poplity. To be more specific, this attack can have various causes: traumatic accidents, operational difficulties, etc. The external sciatic nerve poplity allows the levator muscles of the foot to function while walking. This attack thus touches the driving functions which lift the foot while walking, but also slows down the alteration of the course of the foot on the ground when the heel is posed first, making it possible to avoid a « slap » on the ground.

The paralysis of the muscles of the foot, paralysis of the lifting devices, can be the consequence of other problems such as an attack of a paralysing sciatica with a total or partial loss of the levator muscles of the foot, but also with the peroneal side muscles. Even if the paralysing sciatica causes an attack of the lifting devices, it is not the only one and there are numerous diseases which can cause that. Some polynévrites, also multiple sclerosis, and other diseases neurological like the disease of Charcot Marie Tooth or certain myopathies.

Pneumaflex ® 2

They have as a consequence, sometimes amongst other symptoms, the paralysis of the levator muscles of the foot in walking dynamics. In fact, Pneumaflex ® 2 is a product well ahead of its time, contrary to all the other lifting devices in the existing market, which are refunded by the social welfare system in France. These lifting devices, which should more logically be called « plastic fixers, » block and fix the foot compared to the axis of the leg at 90°, and generate other boiteries!

The paralysis of the muscles of the foot must be replaced by another force. The muscles of the foot which does not function anymore, it is not by blocking them that we will manage to recreate the natural movement of walking, but by replacing them artificially. Look at the disaster which a plaster causes at the end of only a few weeks!

Recovery and rehabilitation

Pneumaflex ® 2 has really brought a solution to this problem caused by the paralysis of the levator muscles in the foot. It gives strength exactly where and when it is needed; it artificially recreates the movements of the muscles of the foot and the dynamics of walking. Conceived in 3d, it proceeds (as soon as its installed), to the recover the driving function of the foot and leg in 3d, and thus proceeds to immediate permanent rehabilitation by giving (artificially) the functionality of the foot. It can take part in the eventual recovery of neurological functions through an effective walk.

Effectiveness of Pneumaflex ®

Once again, Pneumaflex ® 2 (a poly sole driven articulated lifter) is addressed to people having a steppage gait, (a loss of the function of the levator muscles of the foot) and some of the causes are: paralysing sciatic nerve, attack of the external sciatic nerve poplity or some types of hémiplégies, AVC. It should be specified that this motor driven orthosis does not help with muscular attacks of higher areas like the thigh, buttocks etc. It will have much less effectiveness there. It can give the immediate reactivation of the levator muscles of the foot and it is better than all other products that exist today on the market.