Pneumaflex ®

Find autonomy and powerful rehabilitation of your foot levator muscles and leg while walking naturally, thanks to the orthosis Pneumaflex ® 2. Do not hesitate or be afraid to contact our specialist! You should talk about your problem to educate yourself! We can provide a real solution for you through the orthosis Pneumaflex ® 2 (a poly sole driven articulated lifter). (a poly sole driven articulated lifter). Contact us. We are available, efficient and our goal is not to sell you something, but to help you!

The ankle-foot orthotic Pneumaflex ® (a poly sole driven articulated lifter) could be an important partner in your life. Pneumaflex ® can help you if you suffer from various muscular diseases or paralysis. For example, steppage gait, hemiplegia or problems related to an accident.

Pneumaflex ® uses a specially adapted pneumatic jack that compensates for the muscular defficiencies in your foot, ankle, and calf, as well as the strength of the levator muscles in the foot. It does not leave the foot blocked in a 90° axis with the leg! You will be able to drive your car again because the force of the jack allows you to put and press your foot on the pedals.
With this product we can assure you a flexible, fluid and natural walk even in your everyday shoes. The foot lifts alone thanks to the strength of the jack which, together with the back of the lifting device, guides the foot in all directions. The harness makes it easy to press the pedals. These natural movements immediately start a very powerful rehabilitation of the paralyzed muscles.
This product will change the way you walk, as well as your life. Pneumaflex ® has received a world patent and does not have any competitors yet.

Pneumaflex ® has many advantages compared to any other product currently on the market:

  • This product is manufactured to adapt to your foots arch (with a carbon sole).
  • It consists of three elements with small dimensions (the sole, the calf straps and a pneumatic jack).
  • It is made with carbon and therefore light, it weighs only 130 grams.
  • It adapts to any standard shoe, even womens shoes.
  • Does not appear under pants, jeans or trousers.
  • This orthosis is also appropriate for children.

Pneumaflex ® ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) can give you a solution for the following pathologies:

  • Nonspastic Hemiplegia.
  • Charcot Marie Tooth with steppage gait
  • Myopathia
  • Multiple sclerosis – beginning stages with steppage gait
  • Trauma with a motor attack of the levatator muscles and the stabilizers of the ankle and foot
  • Patients with post-traumatic after-effects of the external sciatic nerve poplity SPE and/or NTA resulting in a steppage gait
  • Polyneuritis with an attack of the levator muscles (steppage)
  • Paralysing sciatic nerve with steppage

Efficient and Discreet

As a new generation of ankle-foot orthosis Pneumaflex ® consists of only three elements: a sole adapted to the arch of the foot (no matter what type of deformity – hollow foot, flat foot, etc); two adjustable calf straps; and a pneumatic jack – used to replace the muscles which do not work anymore. The sole is made to measure and adapted to the shape of your foot. It is very comfortable to wear while still responding to your support needs. This product is made out of carbon titanium ensuring solidity and lightness. In order to minimize the constraints of wearing an orthesis, the size of Pneumaflex ® was reduced thanks to the materials used.

Pneumaflex ® will give you the following benefits:

  • A complete mobility of the foot and ankle
  • Absolute control lifting the swinging foot
  • Total control of the various movements of the foot (distorsions)
  • It does not require special shoes and adapts to all types of shoes, even all types of women’s shoes.
  • It is invisible under pants, jeans or trousers.

The corrections given to the patient by Pneumaflex ® are:

  • The ability to walk normally while eliminating the stepping gait and side swings; and in some cases certain patients can run
  • The orthotic replaces the strength of the paralysed muscles and compensates for the muscular insufficiency, while giving a complete mobility to the ankle and the foot
  • This orthosis generates its own strength thanks to an intelligent energetic pump.
  • It corrects and compensates for the morphostatic anomalies of the foot (hollow foot or flat foot)
  • The orthosis fits very comfortably in normal shoes and under trousers, even tight trousers

The installation of the orthotic Pneumaflex ® 2 must be made by a professional trained on the techniques of 3D dynamics. Contact us to find a qualified specialist near you.

Walk Naturally

The dynamic 3D driven Pneumaflex ® 2 is the only orthosis in the world to immediately restore action and motor control to paralyzed muscles. It immediately provides a powerful and active rehabilitation to paralyzed muscles that are subjected to the energetic action of the pump. This in line with the active work of a physiotherapist, it is always important not to lose even more muscle than you had. Now, many of them are our patients (including health professionals, doctors and others) and have benefited (and testified in writing, which is verifiable) from this technology.

Benefits of Pneumaflex ®

Complete mobility of the foot and ankle through muscular activity is immediate, functional active rehabilitation given by walking or running is found Full control of varying foot movements no more sprains even in very rough terrain without fixing the movement, allowing you to walk normally)

corrections are made directly to the device with the patient on real and highly uneven terrain. . (Which strength to give, which lever arm to adjust according to big steps, small steps, active security systems, anti sprains even running on rough terrain) All this is the reality of Pneumaflex ® 2. Feel free to contact us. The answer will be purely medical.